The Dunce's Final Appearance: A Self Portrait Series by Dallas Jay Hunter

I got the idea of this self portrait series while I was recovering from knee surgery. Tearing my ACL and meniscus was the best thing for me, while recovering from knee surgery I was forced to sit in bed for days to re-evaluate my life. At first self reflecting was tediously dark, I had to sit with the fact this all happened from kicking a Bruce Lee statue at a bar and how did I turn out to be the person that would come up with these imaginative ideas but never took action to execute them? Prior to last year the only project I have ever worked on as a director was for my short 'Tunnel Vision’ a suspense film about a woman who’s living a complete lie, once the truth is reveled the film turns to color from black and white. It feels terrible to have a list of video and script ideas just sitting on your phone, everyone can come up with an idea but not everyone can take action. I felt like a dunce, I was a dunce. I constantly made excuses why I could not do the work, for instance money was a big excuse at the top of my list. My fears were driving my excuses and resistance towards the work I love the most. The core of my resistance was fear, fear of vulnerability. I was able to rationalize my resistance with my excuses another big one was believing I was not ready. Not ready? What was I waiting for? I am the change. You can be the positive change. Playing it safe gets boring. The second I set an intention, started seeing myself in a prepossessing light, shifted my focus towards work, and cut out old negative behavioral habits is when I started to attract the work I could have only dreamed of beforeThrough vulnerability I’m discovering my true self, and turning into a woman I can honestly say I love. The saying is true sometimes you have to go through darkness to get to the light. I am pleased I finished this series before the new year I see it as the beginning of my new start as a filmmaker and actor. This project is very special to me, I only hope I can do it justice. I'm ecstatic to say I already have projects lined up for the new year, I’m watching the hard work pay off. All I had to do was take positive action, key word action. Goodbye Dunce.


A self-portrait series created and produced by Dallas Jay Hunter, dunce cap made by the dunce herself


Captured by Alexa Nikol Curran


Makeup by Celeste Kamppila



Dallas Jay Hunter is a filmmaker and actor. She wrote and directed her first short “Tunnel Vision” when she was just sixteen years old. Dallas’ film school was just jumping in the ring, after high school she got a job working at Scott Free as in office assistant and for a couple of years she volunteered at a popular cinematique in the Los Angeles area to watch the films for free. To gain on set experience she would work on set as a production assistant. She’s inspired by old cult films, exploitation films, seventies cinema, and work from master minds like Hitchcock, Fellini, and John Waters. She is debating on getting Tobe Hooper’s name tattooed on her. Right now she’s working on directing music videos, short films with her stylized touch, and starting up her acting career. In the middle of tackling all that down, she also hopes to find time this year to write a dark period piece with her writing partner. Dallas created this self-portrait series to say goodbye to a chapter of her life where she was not doing anything creatively.