MUSIC VIDEO: Gone - Zariya Allen

In this Music Video for Zariya Allen, Director and longtime friend Autry Haydon-Wilson creates the dreamiest of landscapes for “Gone” to exist in.

Women & Film: Tell us about about your relationship with Zariya, I understand you are longtime friends and collaborators?

Zariya and I have a creative relationship that reaches back as far as sophomore year. But, this project feels like a sort of new phase of our long relationship working together.

Women & Film: What was your concept or process behind this video and how it was working with a friend as a collaborator?

Zariya and I were able to work with really interesting patterns and colors as a result of being so open to experimenting and not drawing any kind of restrictive lines in the sand as far as direction for the video. It's great to have a supportive and strong creative relationship with someone who I really respect as an artist and human being. Our individual art really compliments each other well when we come together for projects.

The idea for this video had been rolling around in both our heads for quite a while before we actually decided to make it- before I’d even finished the song. Working with Autry is so organic because we really get each other’s vision, she’s one of my favorite people to collaborate with.
— Zariya Allen