Italian Horror Film of the Month: Psychout for Murder (Salvare La Faccia) 1969


"look, all i have to do is pull the trigger"


PSYCHOUT FOR MURDER (Salvare La Faccia) 1969

Dir. Rossano Brazzi

Starring Adrienne La Russa

"An intriguing, almost Marxian, satire of life behind the facade of bourgeois morality as a wealthy industrialist is prepared to have his daughter committed to an asylum rather than face the scandal of her public displays of sexuality as exposed by her blackmailer boyfriend. However, behind the scenes, there remains a class who take the greatest pleasure in seducing each other's wives...Her sexuality acting as a bait to divest assorted hangers-on, with their sense of entitlement to some trickle down wealth or dowry, by means of a little push off the mortal coil."


An interesting portrayal of the tropes of female characters to an extreme- mental illness, revenge, drama, and sexuality as a bait.