SUCKER Short Film

Directed by Natalie Fält, Stephanie Szerlip 2017

Amidst the steam of the tropics, this neo-noir merges with the VHS haze of the late 80's, as a dangerously beautiful woman cons her way through Miami leaving behind a trail of broken hearts and audio recordings. Directed by: Stephanie Szerlip & Natalie Fält Original Score by: James Ferraro Producer: Stephanie Szerlip Starring: Tef Gorrin Narration: Nour Mobarak Production Design: Natalie Fält Wardrobe Styling: The Corner Store Sound Design: Chase Everett Sound Mix: Zach Goheen Colorist: Jaime O’Bradovich / Company 3 Titles: Benjamin Lehn Effects: Adam Burgett Additional Cast: Alexi Wasser, Brook Linder, Aaron Brown, Tobias Nathan Thanks: Brook Linder, Casey Tang, Burt Szerlip, Bryan Manning, Jancarlo Beck